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  As a child, I was always intrigued by the morning ritual my mother went through. Watching her skillfully apply her make-up each day, I couldn’t wait to for my initiation into the world of cosmetics. When my time finally came, appropriately it was my mom who set me up for my first make-up lesson with a woman that later would become my mentor. It was during that lesson that I realized what passion I had for the industry.

Years later, while working with my mentor, I honed my skills and discovered the role an artist plays in empowering women to feel renewed and beautiful. 8 years after embarking on my own professional journey, I cherish the confidence that my clients exude when they leave my chair, whether it be their ever special wedding day, photo shoot, or a make-up instruction.

I have had the pleasure of working in California, Colorado, New York, Virginia, Washington DC and South Carolina. My growth as an artist lies in adapting my style to suit those of my clients, making them feel calm and confident and delivering long lasting, natural make-up for every situation.